We are a
political and social club for women who are dedicated to working for the success of the Democratic Party and the citizens of Shelby County, Tennessee.  Men are always welcome!

DWSC Officers 2021-2023

Jerri Green- President                                                                                                
Sherry Compton- Vice President
Dr. Shirley Key- Recording Secretary
Dominique Primer- Assistant Recording Secretary
Nikki Woods, Corresponding Secretary
Darrah Hall, Assistant Corresponding Secretary (non-voting member of Executive Committee)
Gortria Banks- Treasurer 
Assistant Treasurer- Rose Ann Bradley
Parliamentarian- Jessica Indingaro

           Jerri                  Sherry               Dr. Shirley             Dominique                Nikki                       Darrah                Gortria                   Rose Ann                      Jessica               
         Green               Compton                  Key                     Primer                    Woods                      Hall                    Banks                    Bradley                       Indingaro                   

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