Join us for our next monthly meeting scheduled for Saturday, September 12th, from 11:00 to 12:15.  Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, we will meet via Zoom.  Please contact DWSC.901@gmail.com for the Zoom link .


Congratulations to all of the Democratic nominees from the August 6th Primary Election.  We will support you this fall to ensure victory on November 3rd.  And thank you to all of the candidates and their teams.  You should be proud of your hard work and determination.  

Congratulations again to the nominees!

State House District 83 - Jerri Green
State House District 84 - Joe Towns
State House District 85 - Jesse Chism
State House District 86 - Barbara Cooper
State House District 87 - Karen Camper
State House District 88 - Larry Miller
State House District 90 - Torrey Harris
State House District 91 - London Lamar
State House District 93 - G.A. Hardaway
State House District 95 - Lynette Williams
State House District 96 - Dwayne Thompson
State House District 97 - Gabby Salinas
State House District 98 - Antonio Parkinson

State Senate District 30 - Sara Kyle
State Senate District 32 - Julie Byrd Ashworth

US Congress District 8 - Erika Stotts-Pearson
US Congress District 9 - Steve Cohen

State Executive Committeeman District 33 - Isaac V Freeman III

General Sessions Court Clerk - Joe Brown

US Senate - MarQuita Bradshaw


Please see the calendar below for additional related events.
We will not post candidate information in primary races unless there is no democratic opponent.  
Nor will we post candidate information in nonpartisan races 
We are proud of our Democratic candidates participating in the various races. 
We “DO NOT “ endorse in Primaries and the sheer number makes it impossible to list all campaign activities. 
We do however wish them all the  best and pledge our collective support in the General Election.