The November Election

Early Voting- Wednesday, October 14- Thursday October 29th.  Click here for locations and times. Need a ride to the polls 
during early voting?  Call 487-1117 to arrange a ride in advance.  Masks required

Election Day- November 3rd. Click here to look up your election day polling location, or to check your absentee ballot and registration status.
Biden-Harris Campaign
Join the DWSC as we volunteer for the Biden-Harris campaign. Because of understandable need to focus on Battleground States and the Pandemic, there will be no local headquarters. Contact or 901-401-0402 to volunteer.  Just leave your name and contact info and we'll follow up with you asap.  Call  484-7767 for sign/button/bumper sticker orders.  Free delivery for Biden-Harris signs with minimum of 5 signs @ donation of $5 each.

Our next monthly meeting is Saturday, November 14th, from 11:00 to 12:15.  Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we continue to meet via Zoom.  Please contact for the Zoom link.


COVID-19 and Absentee Ballots

If you have not requested your ballot by October 21st, it is unlikely that you will be able to request, receive, complete, return, and have your ballot received at the Election Commission by Election Day, November 3rd.  Instead, you should plan to vote during early voting or to vote on November 3rd.

Multiple reasons are available to justify using an absentee ballot rather than voting in person.  The list includes people who have underlying medical or health conditions that put them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 or at greater risk should they contract it. It also includes the caretakers and anyone who lives in the same household with Covid vulnerable people. The entire list of excuses can be found here Voters determine this for themselves—they do NOT need a doctor’s noteThere also is NO age restriction!  You can request an absentee ballot here

Conditions covered are: Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, COPD, weakened immune system from solid organ transplant, HIV, Bone Marrow transplant, use of Corticosteroids, Obesity (BMI of 30 or more), Serious heart condition, Sickle Cell Disease,Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Cerebrovascular Disease, Cystic fibrosis, High Blood Pressure, Liver disease, Neurological conditions and Pregnancy. If you want further information about some of these conditions you can contact us or contact your health care provider. The list on the CDC website of conditions that make you more vulnerable to Covid-19 can be found here and here.

Given this list I think most are safe in requesting Absentee BUT in all honesty if Election Commission hold true to their existing protocol, you are perfectly safe voting at the Poll!

Whatever your choice just please VOTE and follow up with Election Commission in a reasonable time to confirm receipt of your ballot. You can track your ballot at here. Ballots can be requested now.  

Support Democratic candidates!


Please see the calendar below for additional related events.
We will not post candidate information in primary races unless there is no democratic opponent.  
Nor will we post candidate information in nonpartisan races 
We are proud of our Democratic candidates participating in the various races. 
We “DO NOT “ endorse in Primaries and the sheer number makes it impossible to list all campaign activities. 
We do however wish them all the  best and pledge our collective support in the General Election.