NOTICE- TIME CHANGE- Our next monthly meeting will be on Saturday, January 11, at the IBEW, 1870 Madison Ave, from noon to 1:15.    All are welcome.  

Please congratulate DWSC member Rose Ann Bradley.  At our Holiday Party, she was recognized as the first recipient of the Inaugural 2019 Democratic Women Member of the Year award.  We established this award in memory of our long-time member, community activist, and dear friend, Virgie Banks.   Click here for photos.

DWSC President Norma Lester and Vice President Dr. Sherry Compton presented clothing donations from our members, to Dr. Karen Ball and staff at Shelby County Schools for their homeless student outreach program.  Donations also came from employees of Cigna Insurance and employees of Alliance Health Service.  All three groups are deeply committed to Community Outreach.  Per Dr. Ball, the donations will greatly impact needs of the students. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all that supported this endeavor and we hope you’ll join us again next year!  Click here for photos.


Please see the calendar below for additional related events.
We will not post candidate information in primary races unless there is no democratic opponent.  
Nor will we post candidate information in nonpartisan races 
We are proud of our Democratic candidates participating in the various races. 
We “DO NOT “ endorse in Primaries and the sheer number makes it impossible to list all campaign activities. 
We do however wish them all the  best and pledge our collective support in the General Election.