DWSC President's Message

Hello Everyone! 

I am Attorney Pamela Williams Kelly, the 2023 President of the Democratic Women of Shelby County (DWSC) Club. I am thrilled to lead an organization that has been a voice for women in Shelby County’s political arena for over 40 years!

I humbly follow in the steps of past Presidents who led the DWSC when others challenged our right to not only “be at the table” but “in the room.” Now, women are breaking records by outnumbering men on legislative assemblies, in corporate boardrooms and on the bench. But even so…let’s not forget that we occupy these pivotal seats—to not just be present—but to make our presence and our expectations known!

I challenge each of you to embrace this mantra for DWSC:    ** “Let’s Get L.O.U.D. in 2023!” **


Yours in Service,

Pamela Williams Kelly, Esq.