Benjamin Hooks Library was the kickoff location for the DWSC "Who Reps Your District" voter education campaign. (June 3, 2023)

DWSC member, Tanisha Ward

DWSC member, Tanisha Ward & DWSC President, Pamela Williams Kelly, Esq. 

A voter stopped by to verify her voting location & district number

DWSC member: Erika Guyton (in blue) and Shelby County voter

Elected representative form at Who Reps Your District voter engagement series

Voter Engagement: June 2023

Voter Engagement: June 2023

February 11, 2023  |  DWSC Membership Zoom Meeting

DWSC is a member of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women.

DWSC member, Donna Ezell volunteered to setup the DWSC table for an event. 

Looking good in blue! 

"Staying True to Blue" 

The Democratic Women of Shelby County Club will bring Tennessee flavor to Louisiana! We are excited to meet women from across the nation who are keeping democracy alive. 

DWSC membership has benefits that matter! 

Two DWSC members decided to take the plunge and applied for acceptance to the bootcamp! And they were accepted! Congratulations to DWSC members: Betina Hunt and Danielle Higgins. They completed the bootcamp in May 2023. 

DWSC sponsored the 2023 Shelby County Democratic Party Reorganization Convention in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Be an informed voter!

DWSC members, Norma Lester and Kelli Walton, were co-sponsors of the SCDP Reorganization Convention.

DWSC joined forces with the Clinton School of Public Service at The University of Arkansas to give our members an added benefit. We are proud of DWSC member, Stephanie E. Williams, who was accepted into the Master's program! Classes start May 2023!